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Unconventional Father's Day - A Tribute to Good Men (and a loving Heavenly Father)

It's Father's Day. I have lots of thoughts and emotions on Father's Day. I love my father James dearly. I never doubted his love for me. He taught me many things. He gave me a love for learning, of books. He told me I was beautiful without makeup and not to let the world tell me otherwise. He took four kids to church on Sunday as a single dad and I got to see from BOTH of my parents that we go to church even when it's hard. He took me to movies and gave me my love for the big screen. He taught me piano and instilled a love for classical music. I love reflecting on the way he would laugh at me lovingly when I tried to negotiate for things. He told me he laughed because I impressed him with the way I thought about things (as a parent I totally get that now). He taught me "To be good is to be weird. To be weird is to be good." And laid the groundwork for confidence and not allowing labels and others determine my worth. This is just the beginning.

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