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Do you ever wonder if you're the only woman who runs errands in yoga pants so it will look like she went to the gym? Or how about the only mom who feeds her kids raw cookie dough and drives the kids to school in her PJs? Or if you're the only wife who “cooks” her husband cereal for dinner? 

Do you need more laughter and less loudness, more self-love and less self-loathing, more joy and less judgment?

You're not alone.

Come to The Living Room, a place we get comfy, candid, and confident together. Come seeking sanctuary and sisterhood and leave feeling renewed. We’re saving a seat for you!

Give yourself some Living Room today. 

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You're a big thinker with plenty of vision, heart, and passion.
You've got a big idea, a business you want to build, and/or a dream you're ready to achieve.
So how do you bring that vision into reality?
How do you unlock the step by step plan to the Big Picture of YOU - your life, your business, and your success?

Enter Michelle McCullough. Successful serial entrepreneur, acclaimed speaker, and The Woohoo Radio Network's resident Business and Success Strategist. Michelle has used her marketing know-how to help countless business owners achieve their goals by implementing proven, strategic methods, and she has the smarts, strategies, and experience to help you improve your life and take your business to the next level.

Whether you're struggling to balance your business and personal life, wondering how to get more customers through the door, looking for ways to work smarter, or are overwhelmed by the everyday stresses of being a business owner, Michelle can help.

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