Hi, I'm Michelle McCullough.

Michelle McCullough - Sunshine in the Middle

I have one husband, two kids, three businesses, written four books, try to drink less than 50 oz of Dr. Pepper a day and I co-host a podcast with six women called The Living Room. 7 is my favorite number.

I speak at events and companies on leadership and marketing. They sound disconnected but maketing is about telling the story of your company to your customers and motivating to buy. Leadership is about telling the story of your company to employees and motivating them to perform.  

My educational background is in marketing and sales. I’ve worked in all aspects of the industry: advertising agencies, a television station, started an underground newspaper in college and I have two radio shows. Now I consult with companies on how to craft their stories and share them in ways that will motivate internal and external audiences. 

I also love helping humans discover what lights their soul on fire and give them tools  to make time to go after their dreams. 

I love what I do and I love that I can work from home (mostly) and choose the engagements worth leaving my kids for. 

But this is likely, not why you’re here...(though if this interests you, you can find out more about this aspect of my life here.

Above all...I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  My faith is at the center of all that I do and yet, there is still so much I have to learn about giving my life over to God.  

In this little corner of the internet, we're going to explore the things of a spiritual nature, more specifically, we're going to talk about how we find the light in life's dark challenges.  I think one of life's dark challenges is finding the light and feeling the spirit and the love of God even though adversity.  Thank you for joining me for this adventure! I'd love for you to share your thoughts, too.

PS.  My middle name is Sunshine.  Really.

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You do not find the happy life, you make it.
— Camilla Kimball