The Parable of the Red Tablecloth

red table cloth pic.jpg

About 11 years ago we bought our first home and our first washer and dryer. After about a month in our new home, we had invited some friends for dinner. After they left, I put the red tablecloth in the washer and then the dryer. When I pulled it out, the entire inside of my dryer was red. Even though it was too late, I read the tag and it said, "Line dry". Sigh. For days I tried various cleaning products, made trips to the store for new "heavy duty" solutions and even called a few dry cleaners to see if they had any suggestions. Nothing worked. I couldn't do any more laundry, I didn't want the red to rub off onto our clothing! After a couple of weeks of desperation, I had the thought to call the dryer company directly. I called the 1-800 number on the side of the dryer and they said, "All you need is a little laundry detergent and a rag, and it will come right off." Sure enough, it did.

After trying all those special products and calling the wrong "experts" I was making it HARDER than it needed to be...I didn't need oxy cleaner, I needed something simple, tried and true, and right there in my home. If I had gone to the source first, I could have saved myself a lot of headache and a lot of time.

This story can be applied in so many ways. Tonight, my thoughts are turning here: I'm having a hard time turning my brain (and my computer off). Which is probably the sign that I should just go to bed. I don't like it when I feel uneasy about the things going on in the world and in the walls of our own homes. So much heartbreak, so much sadness, so much faith in question.

I don't have the answers. But I have seen too much of God to give up when I'm being tested (and when I'm watching my friends and the world being tested). I've seen His favor in my life too often to question His motives and walk away now. He wants us to learn and He wants to look to Him for answers. Sometimes this sadness and heartbreak is to teach us just that.

I'm being reminded again, and again, and again, that faith is so personal. And I'm being reminded again and again that I have to look to the Source for the answers instead of 3rd party accounts (including the news, or social media). When I seek answers through the simple, obvious things: prayer, read scriptures and Sunday worship, I get the answers I need. And every time I choose FAITH in God over DOUBT, I feel blessed with more answers and more peace.

Today I felt what started as a little thought that is now pounding in my head. Now I'm sharing it with you.

"Don't turn your back on the Source when you're looking for answers. The Source is the answer."


Michelle McCullough