God is Real

 I believe in a higher power. For me, it's God. That knowledge has brought me more comfort and joy than any human achievement or event. Sometimes I forget or the relationship feels out of touch and I have to work a little harder and pray a little more to re-connect. And sometimes I can feel His presence so much it oozes out of me and in my case, it often looks like tears. A little over 12 years ago I met Michelle (then Robertson) Chatwin. I worked at Verite and Michelle was a marketing director for one of our clients. Then Michelle took my job at Verite about 10 years ago and we've stayed in touch on Facebook. I think I've SEEN her in real life once since. Out of the blue, she Facebook messaged me as asked if I would come and speak at her girls camp (look at that sunset!). I never say no when it comes to God. I was honored that she would ask me to share something so dear. God taught me some things tonight and I was the one that was supposed to be the teacher. I also learned that God is in the details. 12 years ago a meeting was orchestrated and a relationship formed that led to this night and when I think about all the pieces involved, I stand all amazed. I believe. #GodIsReal

God is real.jpg
Michelle McCullough