Blessings Pour With Challenges

The last few weeks I've experienced a handful of stressful life circumstances (enter dramatic music). Life changes, health changes, sick kids for 10 days, business changes, parenting challenges, taxes (which I'm happy to pay as a part of living in this great country...but sometimes the process is taxing). All the while I haven't had my normal coping mechanisms (baked goods, chocolate or soda). Ha!

In light of all of these things, I'd like to thank:
Prayer & Meditation
80's Music
Hot Water
Herbal Tea & Crio Bru
My Mom
Serenity oil
A husband who will listen (and vacuum)
Listening to inspired women and men with messages that hit me just right
Friends at the right time
My bed (on the nights I get to sleep through the night)
A fresh pedicure

I've also had some business growth and opportunities that are the best yet. Blessings pour with challenges.

More than anything I'm learning. It's in these moments of my own weakness that I also realize my strengths and my support system. When I take time to see all the good, I recognize God's hand to preserve me. I have a good life that I'm grateful for. ALL of it.

Originally written on May 4, 2014 


Michelle McCullough