What Does It Cost You to Be Right?

I wrote and shared this post 3 years ago. It's just as true today. I wonder what pride has to do with some of our current events...


What does it cost you to be right? Pride has a way of breaking down and ruining the things we claim are most important to us. We blame others for things we ultimately cause ourselves to "make a point" or "stand our ground" or "save face". In an effort to be right we sacrifice our relationship with God, our relationship with a spouse, family member or friend, or even a boss or coworker to the point that we lose our jobs or business from a client. I'm learning that when I choose the relationship over being right I make room for something deeper and better than if I had held my ground to make a point. Sometimes it's about seeing the bigger picture and realizing my shortsightedness is really hurting what I ultimately want. Other times it's about compromise or being willing to say "I was wrong, I'm sorry." Though those words can sting coming out, they open me up to deeper love and show that I'm committed to love, growth and learning instead of selfishness, judgment and conceit.

Michelle McCullough