Trusting the Universe

I got to learn this lesson a couple of years ago. While prepping for my Make It Happen Call Series (with callers calling in from all over the world), my computer froze and I was forced to shut it down 8 minutes before I was supposed to start.

computer screen.jpg

When my computer restarted it asked me for a password. Something I have never been asked to enter. I had no idea what the password even was.

With 5 minutes before it's supposed to start I couldn’t login to the calling program to deliver and record, and worse - I didn’t have the notes I took for the content I was going to share. (Enter dramatic music). I totally panicked.

I raced downstairs to use our home computer for the conferencing line, but my notes were no longer an option. 2 minutes before the call started I called on God and my angels (and anyone who would listen). While I knew the gist of what I was going cover, I didn't remember the details.

As I hit record, I still didn't really know what I was going to say. I had to pull up an electronic copy of my book to even remember the 3 points I was going to cover. But I opened my mouth and started. It was FAR from what I had prepared, but I had to trust it was what needed to be shared. And, it wasn't perfect. I've cataloged the mistakes and things I wish had gone a different way - but what did work was beyond my own doing.

I've been thinking about this all afternoon. While I don't love that I got to learn a lesson about trusting the universe through panic and nervousness, I'm in awe at what came to my mind, and out of my mouth (which can only be described as a divine download).

I'm constantly reminded that "I'm the faucet and not the water".(As Marianne Williamson would say) But next time, I won't mind if everything works the way it's supposed to.

Michelle McCullough