Loving the Moments We're In

"The inclination might be to scream, "Stop growing up!" But the truth is, I really, really, like who they are becoming." - Jenny Noonan Eckton

My friend posted this on Instagram and I can't believe how much it has crossed my mind over the last three weeks. The last couple of weeks have been a lot of growing up for my kids and I. This quote shifted me from the sobby mess of a mom that has to take tissue to the first day of school drop off, to the mom instead noticing how grown up they are and how they have changed and how they are becoming really great kids. I still miss them being little, but I'm acknowledging who they are growing up to be even more.

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It's been a rough couple of weeks. The stress of new schools and deciding what/if extracurriculars are on the table and soccer games and readjusting my work schedule, it's been a little hectic. On top of which one kid had an infection that led to a string of bathroom accidents, lots of mopping and piles of laundry. One kid had a sore throat and fever for three days and was up all night one night. I also got some test results back for my own health and I'm trying to work through my future and how I take care of my body (nothing life threatening, but life changing nonetheless). I've been thinking a lot about health and stress and it's been a great time to work on how I let things effect me (and what I eat “wink”) and how I let these things rule the day.

You know what? Life. I've got friends who are dying, friends diagnosed with cancer, friends that can't have kids, friends that aren't married and want to be, friends in abusive relationships, friends out of work, and we all have our "things". We're all doing our own growing up and becoming the people we're meant to become. I wonder if God is on the other side happy with who I'm becoming and if I'm something He's proud of. If I spend more time being grateful for growth for myself I'll stop wishing for everything to stay the same.

Here's to new chapters, new futures, new seasons and new joys and for loving the moments we're in.

Originally posted on August 30, 2014 ·

Michelle McCullough